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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kelly Huts? What makes you different?

Quality. We are the best.

Our buildings are built to building code but don’t need Build Consent so you get quality without the bureaucracy. While they are simple enough, our buidings have been architecturally designed to be incredibly versatile and very comfortable at the same time.

An example of our quality is our dedication to insulation. All joinery is double glazed and we have full insulation in every wall, the ceiling and under floor. You’ll be warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Do your buildings need a Build Consent?

No. The standard plans for our buildings are all less than 10 square meters and less than 3.5 meters tall internally so a Build Consent is not required by default. There may be other factors to be considered and we will be happy to put you in contact with one of our planning partners to put your mind at ease.

What is included in the price?

Pretty much everything. Unlike most of our competitors we include GST, foundations, construction (within the Auckland Region), a deck, verandah, internal wiring, internal lining and the list goes on! The simplest way to describe it is to list those very few things that are not included, namely:

  • Internal lighting fixtures (a very personal choice)
  • Internal floor coverings (another very personal choice)
  • Electrical connection from the meter box to your power supply (we don’t know how far this will be)
  • Painting if required

Can I customise my building?

Absolutely! We build every building individually starting with the individual lengths of timber so we’re able to change anything at all. Changes will affect the final cost of the building of course and substantial design changes may incur a fee. You will be kept fully informed of all costs before they become chargeable. Simple matters like moving a door or changing the size of a window are easily accommodated and may only cost a few hundred dollars (or you could save money if you elect to have less windows!)

Do you charge for site visits?

Generally speaking no. We are happy to come to you for no charge anywhere within the greater Auckland region. Travelling out of the region or across a body of water is where we will need to discuss costs.

Do you deliver by truck or build on site?

Both although we strongly prefer to build on site. A building is only as good as it’s foundations so we like to put those down first then build upon them.

I want my building in a difficult or remote spot on my property, can you help?

Yes. We build most of our buildings on site so the only issue will be getting the materials to the spot you want it built. Special arrangements may be needed if it’s extremely difficult.

Do you deliver kitsets?

No, we either deliver whole buildings or build from the ground up. Quality is extremely important to us and experience has shown us that a kitset approach to building is a compromise that speeds things up at the cost of quality.

What if I want to include decking or a verandah or gutters etc?

These items are all included in the price (unlike our competitors…!). What is included is fully detailed in the brochure for the building you are interested in. We can change the specification of these various items also which may or may not affect the price.

What colours can I choose for my roof and joinery?

You can see your roof colour options here and your joinery comes in an equally impressive range of colours.

I’m not in Auckland – can you help me?

Absolutely we can! Contact us to discuss your specific needs

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