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We don't do add on pricing - this is all included as it should be

Transparent Pricing

We're up front about everything - we don't do "drip pricing" or hit you with a list of add-on "extras". Here's a list of some of the things we include in your price:

Piles or skids foundations
Wiring and switches for 4 internal double plugs and up to 4 internal lights
Decking and verandah as specified on the brochure
Fully lined internally
Electrical compliance certification for internal wiring
Double glazing in all joinery
Fully insulated to meet and exceed building code requirements including ceiling and floor

Here are the things no included in the price (because we can't):

Transport of a whole building if you would like it pre-constructed off site
Internal lighting fixtures (customer’s choose to suit their tastes and requirements)
Internal floor coverings (customers choose it to meet their requirements)
Connection from the electrical distribution board to the mains power supply (We don’t know how long/expensive that will be)
External painting – colour choice is left to customer

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